The Real Mr. Fitz: A Teacher's Reply From Obama: A Lesson in Irony Indeed                                                  

A Teacher's Reply From Obama: A Lesson in Irony Indeed

As of this writing, my "A Teacher's Letter to Obama: A Lesson in Irony" has received over 88,000 views. Very cool. Sadly, when I sent my letter to the man himself at The White House, hoping I might really reach him, I received a very sad reply. I received a form letter. I doubt very much that Mr. Obama even saw my letter. If he did, he didn't take it seriously.

Yes, that's what I got. A form letter. A piece of propaganda. As my friend, Brett, pointed out, it almost reads like a long rejection letter: "We regret to inform you that your concerns do not meet our current campaign needs."

I am appalled, but I am not surprised.

I ended my original letter by saying, "I hope you will listen. I hope you understand our frustration a little better now. If not, that would be ironic." The English teacher in me almost has to appreciate this added, warped layer of irony. Almost-- but not quite. 

Oh, well. Who should I send my ironic letter to next? I could start collecting form letters.