The Real Mr. Fitz: A Literacy Education Manifesto                                                  

A Literacy Education Manifesto

I have been an English/Language Arts teacher for nearly 20 years, and most of what is going on today in education flies in the face of everything I believe about literacy education. Here are the beliefs that are currently taking control of literacy in public education:
In contrast to those ideas, all of which are currently in vogue, here are a few alternative ideas. They are not just my ideas-- I have been given these ideas and had them shaped by individuals too numerous to count, but they form my manifesto:
           Meaning: the creation of purpose and urgency about what really matters in a student's life;

          Engagement: the development of students' own tastes in reading and voices in writing;

          Experiences: the experimental, tactile, interpersonal, memorable, often unstructured events that            happen in class that are remembered long after "test" knowledge has left the brain;

          Insight: the freedom for students and teachers to have exciting, new, and useful things to say about old topics, and the ability to see new topics in the world around them that others have never really thought to notice.

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