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Some things can't quite fit in the frames

This blog, which I hope to do weekly (we'll see) has been spurred on by the fact that I can't always fit everything I want to say about education into my daily comic strip, "Mr. Fitz." Somethings overflow and need a different kind of treatment. I have also recently had a crisis, partially brought about by Florida Senate Bill 6, which seeks to tie teacher salaries to test scores. My crisis has been this: am I sick enough of what they are trying to do teachers to try to leave the profession in disgust?

Turns out the answer is no. I feel called, in the most old-school mystical kind of way, to teach. And I feel called to defend teaching, real teaching as opposed to test-prep, from those who seek to destroy it. And I am defending teaching not just for the sake of teachers, but for the sake of students everywhere. The standardized testing craze narrows curriculum and changes our perception of what teaching can be and should be.

Hence this blog-- a place for me to, I hope, be a voice of sanity and reason in a world where both ends of the political spectrum have gone crazy for "accountability."

Don't stop reading the strip though-- I'm hoping the two formats will compliment each other.

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